The Real Mr. Puff Puff

"Dear Mr. Khan, due to your reputation of qualityness I have decided to give you squillion dollars and my wife Kakhma. All I require are your bank details and your life, please ... etc. etc." You all know the scam by now. I decided to reply to this and help this poor individual whilst helping myself to a bag full of promised money. After all, how could I live with myself if I passed up this oppertunity to commit fraud?

His replies are pretty long but if you can be bothered to read them there are some Goddamn hilarious moments.

The Real Real Mr. Puff Puff?

I was duped! This must be the real Mr. Puffpuff. Unfortunately this one didn't stay around long enough for me to really get started on him.


This is the longest Puffpuff correspondence yet! I must be getting close to the real Mr. Puffpuff.

Farting Practice Session

A remote controle fart noise maker, a discreet camcorder and two morons (Dr. Fitz and myself). Forcast for hilarity? 98%, with a 2% chance of pissed off Starbucks customers. By the by, this is my first attempt at video encoding so sorry about the poor quality and mov format.

Phone Calls

Apologies to all those I called in the early hours meaning to cause hilarity.

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