SCO CEO Sues Someone

Darl McBride, the CEO of SCO filed a multi-billion-gajillion-kazillion dollar law suit against some guy today for copyright infringement. McBride, who is a self-professed compulsive liar, attempted to tell imaginary reporters outside his trailer park today that he had "very damning evidence against whoever it is I'm suing today" which proves that SCO owned the copyrights for "whatever" before Mr. Smith existed. Mr. Smith has yet to comment, or care.

Mr. McBride trying to enter a chicken the wrong way

When some kid who was "a bit bored" asked McBride what the infringement was about, Mr. McBride yelled and shouted a bit before falling over on his drunk and insane arse. After sobering up, McBride addressed some dogs sniffing each others butts behind his trailer with this response to allegations made by his neighbours that he is "out of touch with reality" or "more disturbed than a Michael Jackson victim"

I don't have to answer to yoooz. Yoooz are trying to keep me dooown maan! ... Okay, okay, you want to know what the evidence is? Herr, herr, it's a secret! I'm not telling! And it definitely exists, in a very real way, that is not imaginary. Or fictitious. Shut up.
He then fell over on his drunk and insane arse again. No one helped him up.

McBride's mother. She has nothing to do with this but we thought it was funny.

While he was begging for change we laughed at him. Then we sat down to talk one on one about the law suit;

KBN: So why do you feel your case against Mr. Smith is so strong?
McBride: Well it's this evidence see? It's dyn-a-amite!
KBN: Could you tell us a little about the evidence you have against Mr. Smith?
McBride: It's a secret.
KBN: Please?
McBride: No.
KBN: Okay let's take a step back. What about the case you have against Mr. Smith, can you tell us a little about that?
McBride: Well let's just say he's in deep doo doo.
KBN: Define doo doo.
McBride: Shit.
KBN: And what exactly are the charges?
McBride: He copied me.
KBN: ...
McBride: ... when he, ... the thing is ... well ...
KBN: ...
McBride: He copied me. Somehow.
KBN: ...
McBride: To the moooon Alice! To the moooooooon!
McBride then jumped on a passing crisp packet shouting "GOLD! GOLD! I've found GOLD!".

cyrus "weeporter" khan

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