Agony Aunt

As the title suggests, this is about my hand-gliding experience in Wales. Again, for the benefit of our American readers; you will be wanting this. Obviously since I know so little about the art of Agony Aunting, I thought I'd be perfect for the job. Okay let's find the link.

SCO CEO Sues Someone

If you don't know about the whole SCO Vs. Linux nonsense then you can probably ignore this feeble attempt at satire. If you'd like to know more about the (non-)case SCO has against Linux, this is the latest (08.07.03) slashdot discussion on the topic.

DISCLAIMER: Mr. McBride is not a drunk lunatic and his mother is not a moustached man with a foot fetish. Probably.

Krull - 80's Cinema At It's Best (i.e. Worst)

Contrary to what many people believe the Eighties served a very real purpose. Everyone knows that you only learn from mistakes. Krull demonstrates wonderfully many of the things we should never do again. Ever.

Linux on the Laptop

I wrote some documentation for this site. It's about getting Linux onto an Advent 7003 laptop. I'm not going to lie to you, it's not very good. If you're really stuck with this machine though - and I know how that feels - then give it a go, I think it might be readable.

Vcard To Mutt Alias Converter

This simple script will convert your vcard contacts into alias lines that can be used in your .muttrc. My vcards were all exported from Evolution so I know it works for converting Evo exported contacts - it should work for other vcards too I suppose, but I don't know much about vcard standards.

N.B. There are still some limitations that I haven't gotten round to fixing. If a contact has more than one e-mail address then only the last address will be used. Also, the names for contacts are currently only taken from the FN field, no names will be taken from the N field (this is something I may not change anyway).

Fair Game

Video games are 86% more likely to kill people than statistics. But fear not, for media sensationalism can save us.

Buy My Crap

I'm selling my worldly possessions to either (a) make enough money for a spiritual journey to holy lands or (b) get some more crack. Who knows? But one thing that is for sure is that I have a lot of crap to get rid of, won't you buy it? Won't you please?

Fake Arab

Mehdi started singing Arabic songs whilst beating Arabic tunes on his Arabic drum. This is funny primarily because Mehdi doesn't know how to speak Arabic. I thought it sounded pretty rad so I recorded it. Excuse the distortion.

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