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I'm going through that "Hey man, stuff is just like, you know, stuff. Stuff weighs your spirit down" hippy phase, so I've decided to get rid of all my crap ... and of course by crap I mean delightful collectables which will appreciate in price in years to come, and other lies. If you'd like to buy any of the stuff below then send me a mail at This is an image with my address in it. Sorry but the whole point is that it's an image and not machine readable..

In most cases the buyer pays for delivery but this isn't written in stone, nor are the prices. I may lower prices for certain items when bought together with a bunch of other stuff, mail me and I'll try and sort something out for you.

To be honest though the best thing to do would be to come by and collect your item yourself because there might be some other stuff you'd like which I haven't listed here. Videos and certain games for example haven't been listed, partially because I'm not sure if I want to sell certain things, and partially because I'm not going through nearly 200 films just so I can get e-mails saying "uR Fi|eMz 5uX0rs d00D, lol, u 5uX0rz B4||Z".

By the way I'm in South East London, keeping it so real that it's absurd.

Update - 13.08.04

I've set up a paypal account. I don't know if it works and I have no idea how it would, but feel free to make use of it. Possibly it will send your money to random terrorists. The address is This is an image with my address in it. Sorry but the whole point is that it's an image and not machine readable..

Dreamcast - £27

No box, one controller, two VMUs and a keyboard.

Dreamcast Games

Resident Evil 2 - £7
Resident Evil: Code Veronica - £7
Shadow Man - £5
Dead or Alive 2 - £10
Phantasy Star Online - £10
Skies of Arcadia - £15
Shenmue - £15 SOLD

First few buyers will get a choice of a free copied game, coz that's just the kind of guy I am, a pirate.

Playstation - £10

No box, one controller, original design, chipped for multi-region play.

Playstation Games

Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro - £5
Discworld II - £5 SOLD
Ape Escape - £5
Final Fantasy VIII - £5
Final Fantasy IX - £5 SOLD
Teken 3 - £5
Vagrant Story - £7 SOLD
Suikoden II - £7 SOLD
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis - £7
Tenchu 2 - £5

Super Nintendo - £25 SOLD

Boxed (Street Fighter II included), two controllers.

Super Nintendo Games

Zelda: Link to the Past - £10 SOLD
Starwing - £5 SOLD
Primal Rage - £5
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - £10 SOLD
Mario Kart (no box) - £5 SOLD
R-Type (no box) - £5 SOLD
Super Mario World (no box) - £5 SOLD

Nintedo 64 - £15

Boxed, one controller.

Nintendo 64 Games

Mission Impossible - £5
Banjo & Kazooie - £7
Mario 64 - £7
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron - £7
Zelda: Ocarina of Time (first batch) - £15

ZX Spectrum - £30

Including joystick adapter and a whole 16K of extra RAM! ;)

Megadrive - £10

No box, one controller (plus another which doesn't work too great).

Megadrive Games

Asterix - £5
Fantastic Dizzy - £5

Sega Saturn - £25

No box, one controller.

Sega Saturn Games

Sega Rally - £5
Duke Nukem 3D - £5
Tomb Raider - £10

Atari Lynx - £15

Boxed, refurbished.

Atari Lynx Games

Crystal Mines II - £5
Xybots - £5
Kung Food - £5 and I wouldn't feel right if I didn't warn you that this is a terrible, terrible game.

X-Arcade 2 Player Joystick - £50 SOLD

If you've never heard of this then check this link out. This one is brand new but one of the buttons doesn't work. This shouldn't be too much of a problem though since there are more than 6 buttons (and most games only use 3 buttons anyway). Also the parts are easily replaced so you can get the button working again if you buy a replacement micro-switch (I don't think you can buy parts from the site in the link but they should be able to tell you where you can).

I also have, erm, other related things that may interest you which I will provide for free with this item. I think you can probably work out what they are. And yeah, I've got crap loads.


A whole bunch of other crap that is too varied and many to list. If you drop by you can take a look at my room and pretty much pick out anything that isn't nailed down, including my cat, and it will be for sale (please dear God let them choose my cat).

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