Friday, 21 December 2007


I found Jesus. He was in Soho, stencilled on a bollard.

Foiled again!
Is there a prize? I mean, I know many people are looking for him, so I figure there must be some sort of prize, right?

Maybe not. Given the way some of the other people who have found him live, maybe there's a penalty.

Would Top Trumps™ Deities be blasphemous? "Perses: Power of Destruction — 100!" . Would that beat Shiva?

They're right, there are a lot of unanswered questions about religion. Let's see if I can't stumble my way through answering a few of them now, whilst simultaneously damning my soul to hades.

Afo Khan's Top Five Religious FAQ:

05: Is there a god?
Easy, yes! In fact there are hundreds! Next.

04: Which god is the true god?
The one that ... doesn't, believe in you? Because it's mystical ... next!

03: If God exists, why does she allow suffering?
It's a bit of a giggle.

02: Given that anything outside of the universe is by definition non-existent, and God would have had to have been outside of the universe when she created it, does God hate gays?
A little.

01: Which religion is right?
Ironically, Sumerian. They're all dead now though.

Remember, I'm fully certified to give out my personal beliefs as fact.

afraz "lake of fire" khan