Sunday, 16 September 2007

Muse Ums

As can be clearly seen from the picture below I took at the Natural History Museum, childbirth is not only painless, but perhaps a somewhat pleasant and lazy experience.

Of course it could be that the baby's just popping out for some fags whilst his mother's asleep. I doubt the cigs would do it much harm at this point, as he appears to be emitting enough gamma radiation to render his mother's stomach translucent.

You're right, caption jokes are an easy target, and I'm lowering myself by doing them.


In this photograph taken at the British Museum we can see a man and his deformed wife.

Where does the milk come from?!
It's a little known fact that in olden times, which this is circa of , woman would have their goobarries chopped off for the sake of modesty. Also sandals were only made for men, and any holding of hands was dealt with by removing the offending hands from the offending perpetrators, offensively.

I love museums, you just learn so goddamn much in those places.

afraz "uhm" khan


Anonymous YB said...

You went to the BM without me? Well done. But there are so many more interesting pictures you could have taken.

03 October 2007 23:10  

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