Thursday, 13 September 2007

Antibodies For Diplomats

I wish I had diplomatic immunity, but we know that one can not build up an immunity to diplomats, or any type of dinosaur for that matter. So it is that I take a great risk in linking to this.

I believe the above link was outlawed in three sane countries, and given a look of slight distaste in Japan. You watched it! You can't unwatch it!


Talking of Japan, there are some fa-reek-ing good bands we can't seem to buy albums from here in her Majesty's otherwise Great Britain. Grab this torrent, if it's not already dead. Now take any track on there, and compare it with anything in the charts over here. What you'll witness is the track from the torrent take down the track from the charts' pants, bend it over it's impossibly anthropomorphic knee, and spank it unmercifully it until the chart track cries like a goddamn spaz.

That's right, the land that gave us Dokaka, is beating us at music. Congratulations The Kids, I hope you're proud of yourselves. Thank you for voting Emma Pollock that high in the charts with your parents' money, whilst the likes of The Spunks (who even were they to be tone deaf gonads with all the musical semblance of tone deaf gonads, would still be awesome purely for their name) remain unheard of on our shores.

Anyone know where I can get albums from any of these guys?

afraz "guitar wolf" khan


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