11.10.06 - Mobile Loving

Mobile Clubbing is something I like to do, as you may have already noticed. I have nothing clever or witty to say about it, just that it's awesome and I hope to see you there next time.

Now here are some videos of about one hundred people spazzing out at Liverpool Street Station at the last event.

Dancing and filming is rubbish.

Trying to guess what sort of music people are listening to can be confusing, but not as confusing as seeing Danny dancing to no music at all.

I wasn't really sure what was going on at this point.

N.B. You may be able to jog over two miles a day without problems, but dancing for over two and a half hours will debilitate you unmercifully.

splinter "dancing queen" khan

Easter Egg

This is an easter egg page. There are no identifiable links to it on the site, so it's kind of hidden. Pages like this didn't make it officially into the site either because I never finished them, or I kind of lost interest and so they're not very good.

Anyway you found it so hurray for you. You probably win something.