06.06.06 - War

Every so often I decide it's time once again to attempt the boy girl thing. It has never failed to end in failure, so I have a %100 success rate in this. Anyone can fail at finding a mate, and many do, everyday -- however, it takes a trained mind to puke in the face of success as I do.

It seems that there is a war in my mind, different factions are working towards mutually exclusive goals (failure and success). This is most interesting when what comes out of my mouth is the result of a push from both factions. This is when I can be heard saying things like "I'm a terrible bastard, and you like terrible bastards".

The trouble is that my unconscious mind is a lot smarter than I am. Of course it doesn't help that there's no effective way to hide things from one's self. It is privy to all my battle plans!

What to do? Well, I'm opting for a surgical procedure which will remove my unconscious self and replace it with a budgie. Budgie's are known neither for their intelligence nor their sabotaging skills -- so I should be safe. The only down side to this is that it is not possible.

The Bonnie "Prince" has nothing on me.

splinter "Bonnie" khan

Easter Egg

This is an easter egg page. There are no identifiable links to it on the site, so it's kind of hidden. Pages like this didn't make it officially into the site either because I never finished them, or I kind of lost interest and so they're not very good.

Anyway you found it so hurray for you. You probably win something.