May 2003

02.05.03 - The Green Witch
Greenwich Council are wonderful people.

06.05.03 - Silly
I was feeling stupid.

08.05.03 - Bt stands for...
BT kill my company. Again.

11.05.03 - Cunning Virgins
A man in a window and aol.

13.05.03 - Eater, and Other Crap Stories
Don't read this book if you value your anything.

15.05.03 - Tomb Raider II Exclusive
World exclusive peak at the new Tomb Raider movie. Eat it.

17.05.03 - Turning Nipponese
Japanese people make me cry. But I like it.

19.05.03 - Casey Jones
I make up some wholly unfunny crap in order to make it seem like events occure in my life.

20.05.03 - In Pixulated Colour
The images section is up. I can still hear them rejoicing in Rome and Tuscanny. Where ever the hell that is.

22.05.03 - Plums & Weddings
Wedding gifts everyone can afford, from John Lewis.

23.05.03 - Seanbaby on the Bog
The Internet reaches it's full potential.

24.05.03 - Complacency
I solve the problem of automobile accidents.

27.05.03 - Highlights
Highlights from the day numbered 27 in the month 05 of the two thousand and third year of our Lord Jesus Christ.

30.05.03 - Mr. Puff Puff Again
Now you can google search my site for Mr. Puff Puff!

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