April 2003

13.04.03 - 8th base
splinter gets first post! ... oh, sorry, wrong site.

14.04.03 - Frankenstein
Frankenstein and my cat. No Red Dwarf though.

16.04.03 - Spam
Mr. Puffpuff in Nigeira.

18.04.03 - Trains & Tunnels
Don't fall asleep on the train.

20.04.03 - Professional splinter
I get all "Free as in Jelly Bears" on yo ass.

22.04.03 - Guaranteed Personal Groaning
GPG does the stupid.

23.04.03 - KBN Special Weeport
An end-user burns my brain, again.

23.04.03 beta - Penny Arcade
I get wound up about some stupid thing or other.

26.04.03 - Waving at Birds
Game staff member sells me a Wavebird

28.04.03 - Nazi splinter
"The Stupids sir! Their attacking!"

30.04.03 - Your Kung-fu Is Best
Watch, play, laugh. This guy rules.

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