Back when people were stupider than us, they used bees instead of beads on abaci. Not one to be deterred by common sense or fatal stings to the left testicle, old granpappy Khan came up with the idea of tying several abaci together with some "killer" string he had found in the outdoor privy, thus creating the worlds first interconnected array of computers. And so out of insanity and a swollen left testicle, the killerbees network was born.

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Do you like gaming? I like gaming. Let's like gaming together. My Mario Kart DS Friend Code is: 472506-530468. A(IM) me (see above for contact details) and if you're nice, we'll do bloody battle.

Publicity is the Key

Here you go, my public key. I mean being Iranian and all means I have certain obligations, appearances to keep up and such like. One of those obligations is bombing the living crap out of western countries. In order to do this I use the "Internet" as an indispensable communications tool. Without this "Internet" I would not be able to send messages to my co-conspirators about how best to make orphans. This is why I choose to encrypt all my "e-mail" messages. Remember kids, only terrorists use encryption because if you have nothing to hide then you won't mind your government making encryption illegal. Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean you're not going to put that knife through my head.

What I'm Doing and When, But Not Why

There are two types of people in this world; those who have Google Calendar, and those who are wrong. If you are of the latter group, then console yourself with this until you join the ranks of the righteous former group.

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